Thursday, October 24, 2013

A blog about a boy

As many of you already know I am pregnant with a little boy blue. Mr. Wade will be make his appearance the end of March. This has been an interesting experience for me I keep thinking on rough days when nothing sounds good to eat but I have to eat something, I just want to go back to normal. Only to come to the realization that nothing is ever going to be normal again. I couldn't be more excited for Wade to make his arrival. Judging by the ultra sounds he already seems like an active baby.
For those that don't know right now in my pregnancy I am considered high risk. The reasons being is a heart defect as well as other things, the doctors decided to be safe after looking at my past history and put me with a high risk doctor. So far it has been the best thing ever! I get to see him every month and I am collecting lots of picture and videos of him moving around being crazy. Those pictures will be later.
So some fun insights into my life while carrying wade. He loves to eat. I have noticed him (me) wanting more food and getting hungry more often. Sadly I have gained eight pounds. I think four months pregnant and only eight pound that's not bad right? He loves blueberry eggo waffles with milk. I crave that every morning. He also really likes cheese. I am happy to report he finally will let me eat sweets again. For the longest time it wasn't happening but now he is all about Halloween candy and cookies ( now I realize where those eight pounds came from).
I can't feel him moving yet but according to my doctor that is a good thing. She says that he seems like a mover so I should cherish the time and the sleep I have now before I can't feel him.
Now time for the beloved pictures every one wants to see.
1.  Below is the first photo we got of him. Now knowing he was a him he just looks like a floating penguin
 2. This was a big appointment. I had been telling Jake that it was a girl, he would reply and say it was a boy. It even got to the point that he started to believe that it was a girl. This picture is about fourteen weeks along. The doctor was checking his sizing when all of a sudden he turns and just shows up his "business" no shame at all. I look at Jake and he looks at me, thinking is that what I think it is. Finally the doctor said that we had a little boy in our hands! I couldn't believe that we could know so early. She said when it is a boy you know it is a boy. Jake was so excited. I think it took him every thing he had not to jump up and down. 
 3. Finally a picture from today, I am now eighteen weeks pregnant. This baby is crazy he was just sitting on his head. You could see he was trying move himself but couldn't so he was just wiggling like crazy.
  Until next time... maybe I will include a picture of myself by then.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The little blog that could.

You all have been wondering, why does Sam even have a blog she never updates it! I know I have been really slacking and I have come up with some excuses as to why. One I am not very good with words, I don't really know what to say. Two, if you are friends with my on facebook you should know what is happening in my life. Finally three, I don't really have anything fun and exciting to update the world about. So I will give you a update and see if I can keep this up. Probably not but here goes nothing.

First off Jake and I graduate from college in December him in health science and me in child development. Jake and I were lucky enough to have Jake receive a job offer right out of school. So we graduate from school ran home and played with the family over Christmas then moved to sunny San Diego. Where we are now. Jake is working at Occupational Service Inc. I am working at a La Petite as a preschool teacher. We are still getting use to southern California, we have done a lot of exploring.We have found some fun places for people to go to if they come to visit us. I am still learning all the freeways and which ways they go but I am getting better. I do know how to get to the important places like target and in n out so I will survive.

Other then that I feel like we work all week and get to see each other on the weekends, people will tell me: Welcome to adulthood

Jake and I have decided that going to school was a lot easier then have full time jobs but you can't just go to school forever. 

Overall we love each other and we love this new adventure we are on. It is hard to be away from family but that's life. I will try to document stuff that we do and the places we explore so I will have something to blog about.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


These are some pictures from our trip to Yellowstone! We had a great time seeing all the animals going on a hike and of course seeing Old Faithful!  

p.s some times you cant see all the picture so to see all of them click on the picture.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Back on track!

This week was alot better then last week. I learned a one thing on the way, I don't really enjoy lean cusines but they work so I am going to stick with them until I can't take it any more. So this week I was down two pounds which is good from where I was last week. Also one thing I always think about when weighting myself is what I ate the past week that could of made that number go down even more. For example my first thought was maybe if I haven't baked cookies then I could of lost three pounds or if i hadn't eaten two mini donuts it could of been more but being a cops daughter (stereo typically I know) I just can't say no to donuts they are amazing and I love them so don't judge! Also I really believe that drinking 64oz a day of water is really helping me I don't know how but it works. Also the stationary bike seat is to small and uncomfortable for my butt so I hope by the end of this weight lost maybe it will fit on the seat. I can't promise anything but it is a goal. Now some motivating quotes because I can!

Other then that life is going well. We moved in with my parents this past week and it has been nice. My dad bought this cool air conditioner thing that goes in the window and let me tell you it is amazing! Also this week we had a sleep over with Tracy family because her husband was out of town and it was alot of fun. I am hoping tracy had fun as well. Also last saturday I took Jill to ride a horse for her birthday. She got on the horse and then some one asked her if she was excitied? She said "Not Really" can you believe that kid! So I told her to get off then she got excitied so below are some pictures that I have enjoyed this week

Download IMG_20120623_095425.jpg (230.0 KB)   <-- Jill riding the horse. Doesn't she seem thrilled!

Download IMG_20120627_195814.jpg (1026.3 KB)<-- Moose eating all of the ice cream by him self when they slept over

Download IMG958318.jpg (176.8 KB) <-- And finally handsome Jett. His mommy send me this picture and I thought it was to cute not to share!

Friday, June 22, 2012

It was a bad week...

As commisoner of my weight lose program I have decided that there are some weeks that just don't count for you or against you. This week is one of those weeks. It was a mix between eating out and being to tired to exercise that just led me to not weight myself this morning for the fear of what was going to look back at me. So I have decided that this was my lazy week and its time to get up and moving again and get motivated. So last week doesn't count but this week it is my goal for not being tired get the best of me anymore. I saw this and loved it.

“There are 1440 mins in the day, can’t you spare 30 of them for exercise?”

So starting after work it is a new week and its going to be a great out come. I have recently found this website that is just some quick exercise tip and motivating says and I love it and saved it to go back and use some exercise tips from there and I thought I would share it will you all maybe it will encourage you as well.

** So sorry to be a disappointment to myself and others this week but there was not weigh in today but next week I will strive so there will be some improvement.

Also to help with my wieght lost I have decided to purchase a jump rope. One because who doesn't love a good ole fashion jump rope and two I need something extra to do at home.

So tune in next week.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Weigh In Day and nutrition calculator

I either love fridays or hate them  one reason it is the last day before the weekend and they just drag on and you think that the work day will never end! but I love them becasue it is almost the weekend! Today I am going to choose to love them, becasue I have plans after work that I am excited to get to! Dinner date with Tracy and her family and my husband. It is going to be amazing. Side note: We are going to chipotle for dinner tonight so I thought I would try to be good so I went on there calorie  counter. (NOT GOOD) all the diet article say if your going to go out always check what you should eat first online. And I have to say if I didn't want the sour cream or the guac or the cheese it wouldn't be that bad but I want them all. My decision is to try and only it half and take it home but we will see how that goes because once you start eating there is not stoping! Don't ever add chips that just makes it ten times worse. The address is below if you want to see how healthy your burrito is.

 Today weigh in went well nothing like last week three pounds but it was close I lost two and I am happy with that. I have been eating better and drinking lots of water so much that I have given my self a headache once or twice by it ( which I didn't know was possible) but I am glad that there is still progress which mean I will do it again for another week. Thirty minutes a day thats all it takes and adding in some weight lifting and your set accept don't do to much or you will have jelly arms the next day like I have them now.

Finally just something that brings a smile to my face my husband sometimes goes on trip and gets free stuff like stress ball and cold drink holders. This morning he gave me the below present and I think it is so stinkying cute! Its a stress ball helmet and its little.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Week one -Check

So I finished week one! I was a little concerned about this week because at the beginning I had eating out a bit but I tried to choose wisely when selecting what to eat out. I exercise every day but Sunday and Tuesday. I even lifted weights which is not as bad as I thought but to be honest I am not very good at it I have to get my form down. I had Jake watch me do it to make sure that I was doing it correctly and not bending the wrong way. So today was weight in day and I kept telling myself if nothing changes I am just going to give up and be happy with where I am. I guess I can't take that road becuase I have lost three pounds this week which is good I think. It also means that what I am doing is actually working so I need to keep going. So next week it is going to be the same thing 30 mintues of working out mostly every day and healthier smaller portions.

Pounds lost :3

Total weight : 147

One week down and one to go!

P.s I had a taco salad this week homemade by Katie to die for! So good! Thanks again!