Thursday, October 24, 2013

A blog about a boy

As many of you already know I am pregnant with a little boy blue. Mr. Wade will be make his appearance the end of March. This has been an interesting experience for me I keep thinking on rough days when nothing sounds good to eat but I have to eat something, I just want to go back to normal. Only to come to the realization that nothing is ever going to be normal again. I couldn't be more excited for Wade to make his arrival. Judging by the ultra sounds he already seems like an active baby.
For those that don't know right now in my pregnancy I am considered high risk. The reasons being is a heart defect as well as other things, the doctors decided to be safe after looking at my past history and put me with a high risk doctor. So far it has been the best thing ever! I get to see him every month and I am collecting lots of picture and videos of him moving around being crazy. Those pictures will be later.
So some fun insights into my life while carrying wade. He loves to eat. I have noticed him (me) wanting more food and getting hungry more often. Sadly I have gained eight pounds. I think four months pregnant and only eight pound that's not bad right? He loves blueberry eggo waffles with milk. I crave that every morning. He also really likes cheese. I am happy to report he finally will let me eat sweets again. For the longest time it wasn't happening but now he is all about Halloween candy and cookies ( now I realize where those eight pounds came from).
I can't feel him moving yet but according to my doctor that is a good thing. She says that he seems like a mover so I should cherish the time and the sleep I have now before I can't feel him.
Now time for the beloved pictures every one wants to see.
1.  Below is the first photo we got of him. Now knowing he was a him he just looks like a floating penguin
 2. This was a big appointment. I had been telling Jake that it was a girl, he would reply and say it was a boy. It even got to the point that he started to believe that it was a girl. This picture is about fourteen weeks along. The doctor was checking his sizing when all of a sudden he turns and just shows up his "business" no shame at all. I look at Jake and he looks at me, thinking is that what I think it is. Finally the doctor said that we had a little boy in our hands! I couldn't believe that we could know so early. She said when it is a boy you know it is a boy. Jake was so excited. I think it took him every thing he had not to jump up and down. 
 3. Finally a picture from today, I am now eighteen weeks pregnant. This baby is crazy he was just sitting on his head. You could see he was trying move himself but couldn't so he was just wiggling like crazy.
  Until next time... maybe I will include a picture of myself by then.